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IEM's for <$100

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I'm looking for some IEM's for around $100 for my mother. I asked her what genre's she usually listen to but for some weird reason she didn't want to answer, like she said she listens to everything but i know 100% that she doesn't listen to stuff like EDM and hard rock and stuff like that.


She wants a good all-rounder. I know you can't get the best for only $100, but the best for that price tag would be appreciated :)


Thanks for all contributions :)

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Check out this thread, almost nothing over $100 for iems :biggrin:

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The Vsonic GR02 should be good. Overall, its a great budget IEM with a consumer friendly sound signature.

Vsonic GR99 is good too.

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Might make sense to have a look at ljokerl's site where he's reviewed a ton of IEM's...

Here's a link to his buyer's guide by sound signature:

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