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Looking for headphones for alternative rock

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Hi! I currently own a Galaxy S3, Fiio E07K headphone amp (digitally connected) and a Denon AHD-1100. 


I listen to a lot of Alternative Rock, and that is generally not the best recorded/mastered music on this planet. ;) I like how the Denon 1100 is very warm and forgiving on a lot of music. I also like the big bass these 'phones give. You could say I'm a bit of a basshead in that regard. But I like the bass tight and deep, not muddy.


What I don't like about the 1100's is that they are very fragile. Three times I have had these replaced because of cracks in the can holders, and now my latest copy is suffering this same issue. Also they are not too detailled in comparison to other 'phones (see below)


I looked on this forum quite a lot, and ordered an AKG 545 and a B&W P7 to try out.


The AKG's are very flat and detailled. I find I have to crank up the bass quite a lot on the Fiio to get to the level I like. Overall they are nice, but I don't find them very comfortable. They were relatively cheap (130 euro) and are well build, so maybe I will keep these.


The B&W P7 I recieved today. It is a lot more expensive (330 euro). Build quality is superb. It has a bit more bass then the AKG, but still not enough for me. However, when I turn up the bass it gets muddy. Also, these 'phones are not very forgiving and can be a bit harsh in the upper-mids.


Some songs I listen to:

Swim and sleep (like a shark) by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Animal Life by Shearwater

Bellio by Dutch Uncles


What I'd like to know is: are there any people here who can recommend me a pair of headphones to try based on my experiences and musical taste?


Thanks! Daan

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Consider SRH840, which I think plays everything well. I tested it with rock and metal, and it sounded fine to me. It can handle different instruments well, so I suppose it can handle the wider variety of sounds in alternative rock.


I would describe it as warm but not basshead (not M100) and pretty clear with a surprisingly accurate soundstage. Good solid build, except for the heavy-ish headband which anyone can mod. Good isolation and can be used with or wiithout amping.

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FWIW, I just ordered the MrSpeaker Mad Dogs. From what I've read, I think planar-Magnetic is the sound I'm looking for.

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Let us know some impressions on them when you get them.

I was toying around with buying a pair of mad dogs
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Enjoy! And post impressions so others can learn from your experience.

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I will do that. I also just ordered a pair of B-stock Fostex TH600's which are returnable. I will AB them with the Mad Dogs and report here. 


If I like any of these headphones that I will keep I'd like to make wooden cups for them, just for the looks.

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Okay, I just recieved the Fostex TH600. Oh my! I have never heard something like this. Deep, warm, lush, detailled, exciting, forgiving... Amazing really.


I'm not sure I will pay the customs for the mad dogs just to try them. The TH600 is everything I dreamt of. Expect for a 3,5 mm plug... but that can be fixed, although I'd hate to solder a new HP.

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