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For Sale:
Sold Rega P3 2000/RB300 pick-up only Toronto Ontario

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only



Hi guys


Recently picked up a Rega P25 (to match my Dynaudio Special 25s ;)) so my Rega P3 2000/RB300 in very good condition is for sale.

The P3 2000 (2000–2007), was Rega's update to the original Planar 3 (1977–2000), the P3 featured the new beveled plinth and the low vibration motor assembly similar to the P25.


This P3 is nine years old but to get one started I added a vintage Pickering TLE P-mount cartridge with DLE Stylus I had on hand (although it doesn't do the P3 justice and a cartridge upgrade would be recommended once funds allow), aligned using a Baerwald Rega Protractor.

Also includes Dust cover (very good condition), 2mm spacer if using a Dynavector 10X5 for example.

No box so local pickup or possible drop off in Toronto



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