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Originally Posted by XANADV View Post

I haven't really used it much. I usually use Dolby Home Theater V4 or straight stereo. Just curious since you seem to use razer a lot how it compares to other virtual 7.1 out there

The only other surround sofware I have experience with was the Astro mixamp 5.8 and I like the way the razer surround sounds better.


Mostly because it's free and you can't beat free.

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Has anyone used the ATH-ADG1 yet? The only gaming headset other than the PC360 that sounds like its worth getting. They're not yet available here in the 'States.

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Go with beyers or a similar open back design. Id say stay away from 600 ohm for gaming sounds like overkill. Those dt 990 pro are hard enough to push. I use a recon 3d usb sound card. Supposedly its better then 7.1 and im inclined to agree. Especially with nice open back cans.
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Beyer dt770-dt990 or akd q/k 701's. Not to sure since I don't play as much games as I used to.

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