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For Sale: Shure SE530, damaged cable - as is

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For Sale:
Shure SE530, damaged cable - as is

Will Ship To: US

This is a pair of Shure SE530 headphones. I bought them used here on Head-Fi, had them for about 6 years, and have used them extensively for about 4 years. The cable going to one of the earphones is pretty damaged at the Y-connector (see photos), and the rubber covers at the bases of the earphones have gotten detached.


Sold as is. Items included are in the photos: headphones with the cable, several pairs of tips, some connectors and things that came with the headphones, and the carrying case. I do not have the original box. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Why don't you reshell them? That's what I did with my dying (cable failure) SE530...

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Biggest reason is that I listen to Denon D2000s all day at work, and the sound signatures between those and the Shures are too different for me to really enjoy the latter pair as much as I should. Plus, I don't really have the skills to do the repair myself.

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PM sent

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I hope you get through, I think the seller decided not to sell and didn't take down the listing. I messaged him a few weeks ago very interested, and I haven't gotten a response back.
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