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Should I Upgrade?

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Hi all,


I'm thinking of upgrading my DAC.  I'm currently running Twonky through Oppo BDP-95.  I'm thinking I can do better than this as a source and I have the itch to upgrade.  Amp is Bryston BHA-1.  Headphones are LCD-2, HD800 and PS 1000.  I'm considering Perfectwave DAC II and would even bite the bullet for  Berkeley Alpha DAC II but it's going to be very difficult to audition any of these.


So I guess the question is would these be a considerable upgrade over BDP-95 (which I like but I know there is better out there)?  I'm also open to other suggestions (NAD M51?).  I'd like to keep the budget around 5K or under.  Thanks!

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Check out this thread for some suggestions:


I also had the BHA-1 and HD800 pairing with a Gungnir (bad with the other two), and then a X-Sabre which I thoroughly enjoyed. I ended up deciding the amp wasn't quite good enough and sampled the GS-X and was very satisfied with that trio (HD800/X-Sabre). I'm still waiting for my GS-X to arrive, but am anxious to get the 3 back together again.

IMO X-Sabre and HD800 were made for each other. I'm not a big fan of LCD-2 and PS1000, so I can't help you there. Never heard the BP-95, but it is probably similar to the X-Sabre as it is a ESS9018 as well, but of course implementation is everything so who knows.
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At this level it's all about synergy. There is nothing "better", it's all about personal taste and tailoring a system to that.


Is there anything you don't like about your system and maybe you can move in that direction... you get the point.

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Please see my Dac comparisons - several of your contenders there.....

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I would also though the Ayre QB-9 in the mix. The only thing wrong with it is the usb only input.

Other than that, it's a terrific dac.

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