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For Sale:
SOLD: Assorted sets of RCA connectors

Will Ship To: US



I have a habit of buying RCA plugs whenever I see interesting ones, regardless of if I need them.  Time to find new homes for them as they are just sitting in a drawer that needs to be emptied.


6x GLS Audio locking RCA plugs (  I have 3 reds and 3 blacks.  $OLD


4x Vampire Wire #807 RCA plugs (  These were pulled from a Vampire Wire cable when I reterminated them.  Some of the logos are fading.  Very robust plugs that go for $30 a pair.  $OLD


4x Locking RCA plugs (  My favorite locking plugs for a long time.  Compact, with a matte/satin black shell instead of the chrome that seems to be on everything else.  $OLD


4x Synergy Sound Vision locking RCA plugs (  Seller doesn't seem to be selling these by themselves anymore.  They were going for $30 for the set.  Look like they belong in Superman's lair.  $OLD

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