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Originally Posted by mrip541 View Post

What's the best small speaker you'd consider purchasing if it will be placed on a media center instead of stands? We recently went from a very small audio stand to a huge media cabinet (http://fromthesourceny.com/2012/08/vandamm-media/) and I'm looking for a speaker to place on the stand with a 42" lcd between. Would you consider something as high-end as a ProAc Tablette Anniversary? Use is probably 65% tv/movies and 35% music. I have a Revel B112 sub so bass extension won't be an issue.


Have you thought about active monitors ? This would be a great way to get very good performance without having to find a place in the media cabinet for the power amp. 

I also suggest putting your monitors on a pair of Isoacoustic stands and if possible, although that's likely to heavily depend on configuration, digital room acoustic correction (since I assume real room acoustic correction is out of the question in a normal house).

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Originally Posted by commtrd View Post

Given the choice between the KEF LS50 or the mini maggies is there a clearly superior speaker system? Or (likely?) is it either selection would be awesome and equally relevant? I have not had the pleasure of auditioning either of these (or any others) so back in the same boat as when I ended up buying the LCD3s I just went on what I read and it turned out the reviews were actually pretty accurate overall. Would a sub be recommended with both of these speakers? I am assuming a sub would be a welcome addition to either system but then need to think crossover or a dedicated amp for the sub?

 I have only heard the KEF LS50 at my audio dealer through a Sim Audio amp and CD player.  They are fantastic speakers and definitely comprable to my mini maggies.  From my initial impressions I felt that the Mini Maggies were finicker w/ placement and lacked sub-bass, but once positioned well the Maggies surpassed the LS50's in soundstage, speed and detail.  I'd probably be happier with the KEF LS50's in more constrained listening settings w/o a subwoofer (bass is a little bit tighter and deeper than the Mini Maggies), but if I could give the Maggies ~3 feet of breathing room and a decent subwoofer I'd much rather prefer the Mini Maggies.  

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Thanks for the reply. As it turns out I have to pay in several thousand more for taxes so that wipes me out for several months so will have to put everything on hold.
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