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For Sale: IC: Koss ESP-950 System

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For Sale:
IC: Koss ESP-950 System

Will Ship To: CONUS

Just checking interest on this kit at the moment. I bought this from Amazon a couple months ago. Pretty  much one of the best electrostats I've heard; however, I recently bought a mint set of Stax SR-404 Limited Editions and prefer them ever so slightly over the Koss' headphones.


So I'm considering selling the Koss kit some time in the near future but haven't made up my mind.


PM me with any interest and I will keep track of such on the chance I should sell in the future. 




  • The kit would ship with original Amazon purchase receipt
  • The kit would come with an extension cable terminated with a Stax plug so the headphones could be used with conventional electrostatic amplifiers
  • The main headphone cable is completely stock and un modified
  • The kit otherwise would come AS NEW and with all accessories.
  • The kit would also ship with a 3rd party, 3A regulated power supply/adapter purchased from Mouser Electronics which supplies a better, higher quality power source to the stock Koss energizer
  • I would cover all shipping costs within CONUS (I am not interested in shipping international)
  • Paypal fees are included in the above suggested selling price


I will post some photos later ...


Not in a hurry to sell but do message if you are interested.




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I'm interested. You got a PM.

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Just a little update. I've received quite a few PM's about these and have still not decided whether I am going to definitely sell or not.


Here is a bit of recent dialogue that I sent to an inquirer. I'm posting it here as I think it's generally beneficial information to any one who has already expressed interest:




Overall condition is 9/10 ... I simply say that because it has been used. There are no cosmetic blemishes or otherwise. Pads and all components are perfect. I bought it new from Amazon about five months ago; upon arrival, the amp produced constant distortion in the right ear speaker. I sent it back to Koss and they replaced everything except for the padded headband (new earspeaker elements, whole new amp, etc.). 


The only modded component is the extension cable that you can attach to the main headphone cable to make it like 10' long. That extension cable is terminated with a 5 pin Stax pro-bias plug to allow using the headphones with all Stax amps that have pro bias output (most do). The actual headphone cable attached to the Koss ear speakers themselves is totally stock and is terminated with the regular plug for use with the Koss amp. 


I am giving myself time with them as I'm torn between selling the Koss kit or my Stax SR-404LE ... should know within the next month if I am definitely selling ...


Than ks ..



/end quote/




More later. And thanks again for the PM's ... I am keeping track of the order in which everyone has PM'd and should I sell, I will check with each of you in the order that the PM's were received ...




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