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*HELP!* PC Gaming Headphone/Headset Advice!

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Hello guys, My name is Ryan and I have been trying to look for a new pair gaming headphones or headsets for some time now. My Steelseries Siberia v2 Mic broke a few days ago and managed to get a full refund, so now i'm willing to get one. I play pc games such as, Minecraft, Loadout (Fun Shooting game with explosions and stuff! :D), World Of Warcraft, BattleField, Call Of Duty and Counterstrike. As I am going to get a Blue Yeti mic soon it will not be necessary to have a mic, however if the headset has good comfort and great sound quality, I dont mind. I have a budget around £150 ($200) however I might be able to stretch to £170-175 ($220-225). As I said, it does not have to be a 'Gaming Headset' it can be a very good pair of headphones which have great sound quality, compatible with PC and has good comfort. A few headphones that have good sound quality and have been referred for gaming are the AKG K701, Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 ohms and the Audio Technica A700x. 


To help me here are some brands to consider:




Audio Technica,

Razer (maybe),



Steel Series...


Try to keep below £150-175. Links will be appreciated thanks in advance. :)

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AKG K612 Pro headphones.

Creative Sound Blaster Z sound card.

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Oh I forgot to mention, I have the Realtek High Definition Audio Sound Card, I think this is a bad sound card but try and work around it. Thanks :)

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