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meet in AZ

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Are there any meets in AZ?  If so where and When?





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I haven't heard of any, but I am interested as well. Any AZ'ers want to get a meet together?
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I have not been to one before, but I might drive down to Phoenix if something happens.

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I'd be up for one anytime after mid May

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i'm in since i missed the last one.

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I'm in Vegas and nothing ever happens out here. I'd be interested in driving to a Phoenix or Tucson meet.

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I'd love to attend a Phoenix meet. I would drive to anywhere in Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale, Tempe or somewhere reasonable in Mesa. I live on the North side of South Mountain. Just bought a pair of Denon D600s, and would love to learn about the 'market' in general.

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Hello all!


A meet is planned soon, we are hoping for a late July-mid August meet. Nothing official has been made out yet, but for some details on how our meets are like, check out the previous thread →


We typically hold our meets at local libraries due to the facilities being both convenient and reasonably obtainable. Our meets have been growing relatively large in terms of attendance. I, along with Head-Fi'er Coolzo have been the organizers of the previous meets. Details for this next meet should be revealed soon, so please keep an eye out.





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Awesome, count me in
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I'd love to go to another one, I had fun at the last one smily_headphones1.gif
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Might be there in time to attend this year! If I am I'll bring along the MPX3/DAC-1 and both the Grados and Sonys.

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Another mpx3 guy in AZ???  Time for an amp off!


Will keep an eye out for more deets, it's harder for me these days to get out of the house!

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Not 100% I'll be in AZ in July/August, it might be September, but if I'm there in time I'll be there. :wink:

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A meet in Phoenix in August! Now we can answer the age old question: at what temperature do headphones melt at? :-)


I'm probably in, and my son (UA Alum!) and my buddy (ASU Alum!). Just don't have it Aug 9, as that is the L.A. meet-up.



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