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First off, hi everyone, finally made an account.  I always love to come here for awesome info.  It seems to be a friendly and helpful place unlike many other forums.  I moved this from the intro thread because im actually looking for advice one my IEM purchase.  Even some other recommendations.  


So I bought my se210's sometime in 2007 when the new IEMs were released by Sure.  I remember noticing the new "SE" line up.  I had tried the se530's but couldn't spend 500 for some headphones, so the se210's were my first high quality "headphones" that I ever bought.  Having always used Sure products (mics and wireless tx's) in bands growing up I trusted the quality without a doubt.  I new Bose had some stuff but TBH I never really liked any of it. I gave the Sures a shot.


The SE's blew me away, I had never heard a decent quality earbud/iem before, and I was sold.  I remember shelling out almost 200 bucks for them at the time.  It didnt matter, it was soooo worth it!  They were pretty much glued in my ears, and at the time, I traveled for work so they went with me everywhere.  I did everything you could possibly do with a set of IEM's.  iPod, PSP games, home audio listening, computer gaming and listening, guitar sessions, and drum sessions.  Planes, trains, and automobiles.  They have literally been across the US and back dozens of times, and never far from my reach.  There are/were better units out there I know, but for me and my knowledge at the time these were just amazing.


After about a year and a half, the rubber on the right cord kind of split and some wire was showing a bit.  So I taped it up and kept on using them, of course.  No big deal. They worked great. Fast forward to about 2011, more of the wire was exposed now and the audio was starting to cut in and out on the right channel, and the jack seemed to be going wonky on me.  No big deal. Just wrap the cord a certain way around the ipod and it worked fine.  Tape up the cord again.  We're back in action!  


I continued using and using these se210s all the way up until late 2012, when my job no longer allowed me to listen to music at work.  They sat on the shelf up until a month ago, when i pulled them out to do a little jammin on the drumset.  Needless to say, they didnt work.  I even went though all 7 stages of grief.   


- Shock or Disbelief..........NO WAY!!! I THOUGHT THEY WERE FINE!!!
- Denial...........................THEY AREN'T BROKEN!  I CAN FIX THIS!
- Anger............................AARGH!! STILL NOT WORKING!  SCREW THESE PIECES OF SH*T!
- Bargaining.....................IF I LEAVE THEM ALONE MAYBE THEY'LL WORK TOMORROW
- Guilt.............................THIS IS ALL MY FAULT!  I SHOULDN'T HAVE SHELVED THEM!
- Depression....................I DON'T EVEN WANT TO GO ON LIVING WITHOUT THEM...


These se210's have lasted me long time and I'm sure that I got my money's worth, even though I naively overpaid.  Through the little faults and all, an un-measurable amount of auditory satisfaction came from these little IEM's.  I will miss them.  But all good things must come to an end, right?  


HELL NO!  I just ordered a set of the HiFiMan RE-400's and I'll be damned if I have to go through life without awesome sounding music on tap at any given time.  Let's just hope these can see the same adventure I had with my Sure's. Hope you guys have had great experiences like i have had and here's to many more!  


Did I make the right choice?

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