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Splashdown easily one of my all time favorites and the music is free to download!
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Originally Posted by Enverxis
Haggard - Awaking the Centuries
dude, i actually just recently discovered Haggard as well.. from a friend's recommendation.

such an awesome group!
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i want to get the live dvd

17 band members ....
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So, yea, Joanna Newsome's voice is beautious IMO and she's fun to see live (saw her open for Devendra B. last year with Vetiver)
Akron/Family !!
Angels of Light
Animal Collective (new album 'Feels' is awe-full)
old school - Herbie Mann (with Duanne Allman on guitar)
- Mahavishnu Orchestra stuff...suprisingly under-talked about it
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King's X - "Out of the Silent Planet" and "Gretchen Goes to Nebraska" are two of my favorites.
Porcupine Tree - "Deadwing" and "In Absentia" are my picks
Magic Pie - "Motions of Desire" This is the best prog. rock album of 2005, hands down. You can download some samples (and the full first song from the album) on their website
Freak Kitchen - All CDs. You'd have a hard time find a band to compare to FK, imho.

I'd also recommend the Decemberists.
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Hash Jar Tempo

Single Frame Ashtray

Pit Er Pat

Comets on Fire

Blue Cheer

Tokyo Sex Destruction

The Sonics

I'm not very good at describing music but allmusic.com should work if anyone is truly intrigued.

I've also been listening to a lot of Les Savy Fav. I wouldn't call them obscure though, more like, off the mainstream radar.
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Since the Flaming Lips are in your unknown category I am guessing there is a very wide bearth of muscic that could be recommended here. Anyways, here are a few suggestions.

Yo La Tengo
Manu Chao
Badly Drawn Boy - Hour of the Bewilderbeast
Frank Black or the Pixies if you haven't heard them.
Frank Zappa

for the Grave Yard

Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Get the Best of (Alligator & Mosquitoe Pie)

Just a few that have yet to be mentioned
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If you want reeeeally undiscovered you should check out this band "Fever The Ghost"... dont usually find good music by trolling Face Book but....

makes me feel so cool to hear before they get big at all  :p 



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I don't normally like singer-songwriter stuff but Chelsea Wolfe is a rare exception. Gothic, folk, drone and subtle black metal influences, awesome stuff.




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Geezers of Nazareth. Now sadly defunct.


Tame Impala. Good Aussie Psychadelia.


Dusk. Aussie Gomez alike. Now sadly defunct.


I still do not know why Catherine wheel were not utterly huge. Been listening to them an awful lot lately.

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Just discovered the Chilean singer Javiera Mena. Great vocals and great beats.



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Another gem from her:



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Recently discovered Ulcerate, a New Zealand death metal band with a really interesting style. Very atmospheric and reliant on evolution of their songs. Good stuff.

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These links are from the electronica scene which I find quite compelling. The first artists I am going to introduce is Phutureprimitve. You can go to bandcamp and download his albums in FLAC for $10. The albums I have purchased are Sub Conscious from 2004, and Kinetik from 2011. Both are stupidly well mastered, your system will shine like you won't believe, and the music is excellent. Here are a few links to give you an idea of what I am talking about.






This track is from Sub Conscious


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