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We are Scientists and Feist

two pretty different bands, but amazing talents.
Feist especially. She's my hero.

We are Scientists are what pop should be and Feist is what I want to be like.
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The Books

Cibo Matto
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Transatlantacism - Death Cab for Cutie , The Photo Album is also good
Oh, Inverted World and Chutes to Narrow - The Shins
The Final Straw - Snow Patrol
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Originally Posted by louis cypher
bloc party- SILENT ALARM.they are getting more and more know but a great cd to have and just let play. i suggest price of gas and luno.
How well known are they around the US? I am in the bay area, and it seems like a lot of people listen to them.

As for favorite tracks, Helicopter was the first song I heard (I usually start listening to albums at music stores on the second song), so I might have a bias but I still really like it.
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Originally Posted by louis cypher
tv on the radio- Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes. very interesting stuff! i suggest staring at the sun...
if you like that, you should check out their previous EP "Young Liars."
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Marva Whitney - "Its My Thing"

She was a back-up singer for James Brown. This cd is her "best of" collection which includes songs like "Unwind Yourself" (the opening trumpets were slowed down and sampled for the "Ed Lover" song from Yo! MTV Raps).
"Its My Thing" Pts 1 + 2 are both good and "Sunny" a duet with James Brown is awesome (you would never have guessed he could sound this smooth). My favorite songs are "This Girl's in Love With You" and "Get Out of My Life".

One word of CAUTION: This recording SUCKS big time but the music is so sweet you have to put up with it until something better comes along.
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If you even remotly like metal check this stuff. out. I am by no means a metal head but their stuff blows me away. I just made a thread about them. Check it out.

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Recent discoveries include (but are not limited to;-):

Angel In Heavy Syrup, a three-member Japanese girl band mentored, near as I can gather, by someone prominent in the Japanese noise scene. Angel's sound isn't what one would expect based on their descriptions. Lush guitar overlays with delicate vocals interspersed. I happened to download this one and liked it so well that I bought their fourth, and best known album, Angel in Heavy Syrup IV.

Nearly everything that's written about them is in Japanese.

The Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra La La Band, Horses in the Sky.

Founded by Godspeed You Black Emperor leader Efrim, SMV has a sound that's ... I don't know how to describe it ... more dissonant (think Happiness is a Warm Gun or Zappa), and less portentious than Godspeed. SMV also uses vocals eschewed by Godspeed. Horses In The Sky includes songs of protest against the war in Iraq, satirical takes on former president and Mt Rushmore denizen Teddy Roosevelt and something about Canada (or Kanada...). Sonically it's much stronger than Angel in Heavy Syrup, a much cleaner sound.

Adiemus, I just downloaded some of their music at decent, though not exceptional, resolution. Descriptions of it as "new age" or "chill out" music were a real turn off. But actually listening I find them more eganging than the typical new age/whale song/music to shut your brain off by shtick.

I'll keep listening. If they're keepers I'll wind up buying their cds (though not necessarily new;-).

Andy Katz
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My Sister Jane is a now defunct Salt Lake City all girl, five member band.

"Big Dirt" - showcase thier diverse skill with somewhat long instrumentations with good vocals and great harmonies that all comes together in a passionate, sublime way. It was all recorded in a guys living room too, and sounds great on the phones.

Wish you could all hear it.
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Clear - Bomb the Bass (1995)

A criminally ignored Trip Hop/Hip Hop Album

Get the UK version not the US one. the US version was a terrible mix and in the wrong order.

Although I think it was re-released in the USA in 2001 - 2002 as remixed, which meant it was the original UK version.
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I'll throw out my obscure choice: David Sylvian's Blemish and it's remixed child the Good Son vs the Only Daughter. Sylvian's voice is still recognizable as the singer from Japan but here it's stripped down bare and vulnerable. The songs themselves are twisted fragments of guitar sounds that somehow come together. An amazing duo of albums for listening to alone on your headphones.
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I've been a big fan of Scott Miller for years. His bands: Game Theory and The Loud Family.

I would start with "Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things" by The Loud Family.

Here's a review of it I posted on Amazon:

Outstanding musicality

I first read about this album in 1993 in Stereo Review of all places. It wasn't until late in '94 that I finally got around to buying it. Woah. This is a must must have. Scott Miller is an ingenious songwriter and lyricist. His chord progressions always have an extra little *something*, some quirk or trick it seems. The wordplay is a whole lot of fun and Scott's much maligned voice is, in my opinion, the perfect accompaniment for the hyper-melodic nature of the songs. It's a great listen beginning to end, with the exception of the one song not written by Scott. 'Interbabe Concern' is a "better" album, but this one is my perennial favorite.
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I just found an EP from a Band called Blue King Brown. they are an Australian band from Byron Bay. Some of the most amazing percussion and rthym sections i have ever heard. Probably hard for u americans to track it down but if you get it give it a whirl.
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I just bought four Hot Water Music albums, Fuel for the Hate Game, No divison, A Flight and a Crash, and The New What's Next.

Now I'd never heard anything from these guys that really blew me away or that I hated, either one.

But I'll be damned if this isn't the best CD purchase I've made in years. Sound is unique to put it best, but there's some sincerely emotional, well written and hopelessly catchy songs here! Moonpies for misfits, trademark, better sense, rooftops, Freightliner, Jack of all Trades, All heads down, I could not be more impressed. It's pretty raw sounding, basic rock music, that rocks! I've been raving about these guys to people at school and nobody can get past the rough, but always appropriate vocals. Hey maybe it's me.
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Ambeon - Fate of a Dreamer
Angels of Venice - Angels of Venice
Turisas - Battle Metal
Haggard - Awaking the Centuries
Velvet Chain - Moody Groove Music
Tairrie B - The Power of a Woman
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