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Your undiscovered gems; obscure new music

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I have a big CD collection by some standards. I'd like an even bigger one but because I can't bring myself to tolerate the inane FM radio around here I don't know what to buy. I'm not browsing at my local music store because a lot of new releases in Australia are copy protected; so I'll import what I buy, my chances of getting real redbook CDs that I can store on my server for casual listening are much better.

So what's the best CD you have bought recently that might be unknown to others? If you took a chance and bought a CD that sounds to you as good and original as Tom Waits or The White Stripes (or any other example you can think of) then this is the place to mention it.

"Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" is a great example. The only Flaming Lips song I had heard before that was Tangerine. I don't like the rest of their stuff as much, but that one album is great.
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Lali Puna - Faking The Books

I've been listening to this new one a lot lately and it does have that same warm, electro-organic glow that I love so much about the Notwists' excellent Neon Golden from a couple years ago, to which it will inevitably be compared since Lali Puna is composed partly of Notwist guitarist Markus Acher, but it is still quite a bit different, and not just because of the female vocals provided by multi-instrumentalist Valerie Trebeljahr. Their music sounds more electronic than the Notwist, but then again, Neon Golden is one of those unique electronic albums that almost makes you forget that anything is even plugged in. The electronics here are still balanced with guitar and, in some songs, cello and violin like on the Notwist album, but without the wonderfully endearing forays into folk music with banjo and other assorted instruments on the Notwist album. Kind of like a lazy version of New Order with some added glitch. Nice and sublime, just not quite the classic that is Neon Golden. At least not yet....but with every album I hear that initially seems to have some of that same charm, the more I realize how extraordinary was The Notwist's achievement, at least in my view. Probably also worth noting that it's a pretty nice sounding CD, not surprisingly mastered at Abbey Road by oldtimer Chris Blair, just as was Neon Golden and many other good sounding CDs in recent times.

Of course if you don't have Neon Golden yet, that would be even better
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Wow Davey thanks for that. Felt like that review was written specially for me, since I adore Neon Golden, and also the one before it. Gonna order that Lali Puna blind right now, even though I've been ever so slightly disappointed by other Lali Puna efforts.
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If you like Neon Golden, you'd probably love The Postal Service's "Give Up" as well so... slightly more pop and electronic, but just as upbeat and easy to listen to (if not more so).. well worth a purchase.
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When I am asked for great undisovered obscure bands, Tenhi comes first in mind. The best neo-classical & neo-folk band I have heard. Even though they are rather unknown, they seem to have strong cult status and devout fans all around the world. Their first album (Kauan) is more on the classical side with some of the saddest piano/acoustic guitar instrumentals ever made and some other moody tracks. The new album, Väre, is more on the neo-folk side with strings, violins and mystical shamanistic atmosphere. All the lyrics are in ancient finnish, so their music sure is exotic. The weirdest thing is that most of their fanbase comes from listeners of extreme metal, and Tenhi has even been performing on the Wacken festival in Germany(the biggest metal festival in Europe). Might have something to do with their ability to create unbeliveably sad and depressing songs, especially on "Kauan".

You can get their albums ie. from www.firebox.fi. It will be expensive to order albums from Finland, but firebox is very reliable and the albums will sure be without copy protection, heh.

Do yourself a favor and get something completely different.
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Originally Posted by winty
Wow Davey thanks for that. Felt like that review was written specially for me.....
Hey, but it was written for aeberbach, not you! Heehee, glad you enjoyed the words. Neon Golden is such a good album, but this new Lali Puna has really gotten under my skin too. I've only had it for a couple weeks but it already feels kind of like an old friend. And it does remind me a bit of the Postal Service album that Kali mentioned, although I don't have a copy of that except for a couple songs on compilations. One of these days....

I actually just copied the post from my little mini-review page that I've been putting together recently, collecting posts I've made in the past about some of my favorite albums at this site and at a couple other places. Some are still a bit on the lean side, but if you're interested, it's here.
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Davey, have you heard of Midwest Product?

In general, I'm not really a fan of the whole "indietronica" thing (Notwist and Lali Puna included) -- but Midwest Product is really damn good, IMO. They're a very fun band, perfect for summer. Kind of what I imagine Plaid would sound like if they used real instruments.

Check it out. They have two releases on Ghostly International.

- Chris
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Nathan Wiley comes to mind. He's a local talent that I really like. Check out his website, there are a few songs that are downloadable I believe.
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A group called Shy Child . Sort of electronic with two guys playing real instrument and vocal. Weird and heady.
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Greg Wilson Take It Slow...listen to those guitars...

Download Take It Slow mp3 (2.5 mbs)
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Originally Posted by minya
Davey, have you heard of Midwest Product?
No I haven't, but I just checked around a little and they do sound good. I generally prefer the stuff with vocals, especially when the songs are so strong like on Neon Golden. Is it just that you prefer music without vocals, or is it that you like "purer" electronica? The field you label as indietronica is one of my favorite nowadays, with bands like...

The Notwist
Lali Puna
Four Tet
Mouse On Mars
The Postal Service

....all putting out recent albums I've really liked, although like I said to Kali I haven't heard the entire Postal Service album. Anyway, thanks for the rec Minya. I'll give them a listen.

NP: a fun little comp a friend sent me awhile back (CD-Text output from EAC)...

CD: August 28, 2002 - Oddly Enough

01. King Of Nails SPARKLEHORSE [0:04:15.27]
02. Morning Bell RADIOHEAD [0:04:46.69]
03. Miner At The Dial-A-View GRANDADDY [0:05:21.22]
04. Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes MODEST MOUSE [0:03:14.59]
05. Same In The End SUBLIME [0:02:36.41]
06. Count Sheep ENON [0:03:01.28]
07. Debate Exposes Doubt DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE [0:04:35.05]
08. You're Pretty Good Looking THE WHITE STRIPES [0:01:48.09]
09. Girl THE BEATLES [0:02:30.61]
10. Car BUILT TO SPILL [0:02:58.61]
11. Two Promises SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE [0:04:37.06]
12. Four Walled World TEMPLE OF THE DOG [0:06:52.47]
13. Spaceboy SMASHING PUMPKINS [0:04:00.09]
14. Ball Peen Hammer CHRIS WHITLEY [0:02:37.36]
15. Then She Did JANE'S ADDICTION [0:08:17.66]
16. Tides Of The Moon MERCURY REV [0:05:12.04]
17. I'm The Man Who Loves You WILCO [0:03:56.05]
18. New York, New York RYAN ADAMS [0:03:47.54]
19. Elevate Me Later PAVEMENT [0:02:50.17]
20. Minus BECK [0:02:31.39]
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Rufus Wainwright. Maybe try his newest "Want One". Lush and lots o' layers.
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Lali Puna is really good .. I was turned onto The Notwist by a friend and I'm going to recommend Lali Puna to her .. I'm sure she'll love it.

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Another hidden gem is Devil Doll from slovenia if i recall right.. Nice progressive stuff. Its pretty mutch either you love or hate the singing technique of mr.dr. The recordcan be bought from firebox.fi what is nice place, or http://www.equilibriummusic.com/ what is in portugal. equilibrium music is full of gems.
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Speaking of Ghostly International, my LOTW last week was:

Dykehouse, Midrange -- dang, they are really reminding me of some 80's group, but it's on the tip of my tongue, and refuses to return to my brain for proper output formatting. Wonderfully melodic, kind of somewhere in the britpop/shoegazer spectrum. I know, it was rare for those two worlds to meet, but they did, and this recording would rank highly on both of those scales.
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