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For Sale: [CAN] Modded Audio-Technica ESW9

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For Sale:
[CAN] Modded Audio-Technica ESW9

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my first cans. :) I've modded them using a few tricks from the T50RP threads. Bass has better extension, and a lot lower measured distortion than stock. It's a fair bit more V-shaped as well.


I've tried to capture the marks but they aren't obvious on the pictures. There are some scratches under the C of "audio-technica" on the left cup and a hairline crack across the right cup, between the two lines of text. Neither of these are visible under normal light- I just realized they were there when I was taking the photos.


Price is $135 + shipping + fees. It ships from Canada. No trades please!

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By hairline crack across the cup, this means the outside wood piece?

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Yeah, that's right. You can sort of see it in the first pic where the end of the bright white reflection seems to end abruptly. I'll try to get a better shot, it's hard to spot unless you're under the right light.
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I have like new replacement wood cups for these, whoever ends up buying them :smile:

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