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For Sale: Van den Hul Triaxial Spdif Cable - 1M

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For Sale:
Van den Hul Triaxial Spdif Cable - 1M

Will Ship To: Anywhere

This is a great digital cable for the money.  Used sparingly on a secondary system but it does so show some slight signs of wear on the sheathing.


The TRIAXIAL Professional 75 Ohm has been designed to satisfy the demand for a very high quality 75 Ohm impedance cable. 

The TRIAXIAL Professional 75 Ohm is suited for use in a broad range of demanding applications such as:

  • Video connections between recorders, cameras and monitors for professional as well as home theatre use.
  • Digital audio (SPDIF) links, f.i. between CD or DAT-players and DA-converters.
  • Interconnects between measuring equipment.
  • The TRIAXIAL Professional 75 Ohm however is also very suitable for unbalanced audio signal transport with an extra shield. This outer (extra) shield is connected to ground at the source end of the cable. See our ground end marker on the cable.

The ruggedly constructed TRIAXIAL Professional 75 Ohm exibits a very low signal loss (attenuation) and exhibits a very high shielding factor due to its triaxial construction. (Triaxial construction: essentially a coaxial cable surrounded by an extra separately insulated shield).

  • The centre conductor is made of 7 strands very dense silver coated MC OFC with a diameter of 0.35 mm. each.
  • This conductor is insulated in cell PE.
  • Then the first braiding made of 168 x 0.14 mm. very dense silver coated MC OFC strands, follows.
  • After this comes the second insulation consisting of a TPE layer and 2 windings of PET foil.
  • Then the outer group functioning as shield follows; a braiding of 192 strands made of 0.14 mm. very dense silver coated MC OFC.

The outer 9.0 mm. diameter blue colored jacket is made of of HULLIFLEX ®.

With our ready made RCA type connector terminated units the outer shield is connected only to one end serving as an extra screen. This grounded end is marked on the cable.

Buyer pays shipping and Paypal fees.

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