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For Trade: FT : NAD AV Receiver T773

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For Trade:
FT : NAD AV Receiver T773

Will Ship To: Anywhere

So this is a weird one, and I'm not sure if I will be able to move it here. But I would like to.


I have an NAD T773 that was gifted to me. I have no use for this behemoth! Its gotta be pushing nearly 100 lbs. I don't have a problem with shipping, but we would have to work out expenses. I live in the Houston area, and I'm fine with delivering it to anywhere in the area or central Texas, as I make trips there fairly often. 


This doesn't have a power cable. There are numerous scratches on top of the unit. I haven't ever powered it up or tested it, but I know it came from a good home, and I'm the second owner. I would be willing to find some way of testing if anyone is seriously interested in this unit. 


Here's a review, I got the link from the NAD Website :


I would love to trade this for a nice pair of headphones that would pair well with my Woo Audio 3. I would not be averse to hearing other offers, including DACs, headphone amplifiers, a lovely watch, etc. Honestly, just throw something (reasonable) out there. As it was a gift, I would really feel more comfortable trading it for something that I want as opposed to selling it. 


It was $1800 USD retail, and there's an auction on Ebay with a buy it now price of $1200. I'm sure that this unit is more comsetically acceptable than the unit I have, but I think that's a good barometer. 


EDIT : If anyone is interested in this at all, please just let me know. If anyone has any comments on how I can unload this thing more easily, please let me hear those, too. I am sure this is a sick amp, and I'm sure anyone who has had NAD gear probably agrees. Thanks guys!

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For Sale: $115 (USD)
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I'm bumping, but seriously if anyone is interested, just let me know.
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