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Sennheiser HD 439 OR Logitech UE 6000

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Hello !

I'm looking to a pair of headphones to replace my Panasonic RP HTX7.
I listen to bands like Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against The Machine, The Police, this kind of stuff, but also acoustic rock, flamenco, ... 

At first, my choice was for the Sennheiser but i found the Logitech, which has more features like noise cancelling. 
I am looking for a good sound for the kind of music I like and also great comfort ( I think the Sennheiser wins this one ) 


Thanks you for your advices :)


PS : Sorry if my english is bad, I am french

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What will you be driving them from?


Another thing that might be help is searching the forums for reviews. There might be some that could pertain to those headphones you listed.

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" What will you be driving them from? " Sorry, I don't understand... 


I also read many reviews but I found none who compared these two headphones.


>100€ for the budget

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Well, what I meant with the reviews was so you could gather up information regarding each headphone's sound, and make a decision based on that. It doesn't necessarily have to be a review comparing those two against each other. Ultimately, I think that because it's such a subjective hobby, and nobody has your ears, the only way to really tell if you'll like something is to listen. That's why if at all possible, it's best to audition gear before buying.


By what are you driving them with, I just meant what will you be plugging them into. A portable player, computer, CD player, etc.

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I will plug them directly in my android phone for music ( no amp ), and in my computer ( basic soundcard ) for movies and MAO.

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UE6000 is overall a better quality product heavier and more comfortable pads but can get sweaty after a long listening while the Sennheiser feels light and cheap. For your music style I would choose neither they both have rolled off highs and rock sounds best with crisp highs. If I had to choose one I'd go with the UE6000 just because it's a better product and it's more forward sounding while the HD 439 is super laid back almost like it needs an amp to work properly.

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I have both of these and really like them both for different reasons. 439s are super smooth and love how laid back and relaxing they are. I'm sensitive to high frequencies so these and 518s are my go to cans when just chilling around the house. I use an android phone most of the time as well and these are much harder to drive(meaning they require higher volume on my phone) than the UEs and nowhere near as exciting to listen to. I love their balance though and how comfortable they are for long periods of time. They also have much wider soundstage.

UEs have much better looks and build quality, although I don't find them anywhere near as comfortable. You get a lot of extra features on them for the money and they sound really good with both noise canceling on and off (I listen to hip hop mostly so I keep ANC on for the thumping bass). Both have relatively weak highs for rock like ahunatu said but the UE more in your face mids will be better sooted I think.

Both good choices in general, but at $99 the UE is an amazing value given the sound and all the extra features you get.

For your genres the ATH-M50, Sony MDR-1R would be better choices. I also really like the Sony ZX-700 and that can be had super cheap these days.
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