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I'm looking to step up my IEM game from my current SE215s which I find a tad too bassy and a tad uncomfortable for long periods with the foam tips. 


I also have DT770s and HD598s for home use, though the IEMs could feasibly end up making one of those obsolete, which might warrant increasing the budget slightly.


I'm currently looking at universals like the Heir 4ais or SE535 as well as customs that would be relatively easy to get a hold of in Ireland. (Currently Cosmic Ears in Sweden and a few brands in the UK and mainland EU have my attention)


My music ranges from instrumental guitar to orchestral game music to synthpop to dubstep/complextro to blues and jazz so it doesn't really affect my choice of IEMs. Looking for a jack of all trades more than anything else, overall balanced sound with a preference for tight punchy bass.


Firstly, is it worth stepping up to customs at this price bracket or do universals provide a better bang for buck here? Are there any hard and fast recommendations for IEMs around this price?