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Clip + with JVC flats?

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Just bought some JVC flats - weeping for the years i spent on IEMs in the same price bracket biggrin.gif

Anyway, i've been using nokia 101 and Asha 201 most recently as portable sources and I'm feeling the need for something better again

Does the sansa clip+ go well with the flats? I don't have any amplification.. and would prefer to avoid having any for portable use

expect a rockboxing immediately. I'm not after something to go ear bleedingly loud just nice quality sound
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Well, i did a little research and seems the clip will be meaty enough to use the 63? ohm HAS-160 flats. Seeing as some people have got 64gb microsd cards working, and i'm after better sound quality and an EQ, settings etc i bought a Clip+ 4gb, silicon case. Will put my spare 64gb uSD in it. Hopefully now my portable will sound as good as the Phillips CDR723, amp and vintage kef speakers i use at home

Thanks for the help, everyone
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Well, the clip isn't here yet, but in preparation for it i just did the cotton wool sheet in the cups mod.. not night and day but a surprisingly big improvement.. i was impressed before... these kill my mx-880s and lowish end sonys.. not really a fair comparison though

Thank you Head-Fi for putting me on to these, forcing me to stop being a lazy git and do my own research (i had an inspiration whilst doing it) and this mod. Love these headphones, even on my asha 201. Not even broken in yet

ok something hard and rapid came on... it's night and day... NIGHT AND DAY i tells thee

expect a surprising clip+ mod thread from me very soon. I don't think this one has been done... not even sure it'll work yet - in the idea stage.
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Well it showed up just now, listening to a few tunes while it has its first charge via a mains adaptor

Going to try and give an unbiased opinion.. shouldn't be too hard as this is my first quality portable of the modern era - i spent £185 on a 128mb creative muvo (tiny AAA powered thing) back in the day but even phones sound better than that these days. All i've got to compare it to are two nokia phones (101 and 201), an old SE spiro (which the nokias trounce) and my Phillips CDR723 CD player, which i havent done a back to back test against yet (i ignore the sound on this computer)

The soundstage is better than the 201.. Has more power. For the first time ever i'm not sure that i'm hearing extra sounds with an upgrade (can you tell im a noob just describing what i'm hearing? lol ) but the presentation is nicer.. clarity, the sounds i'm hearing are.... more complex(?) than the same sound on the 201. Seems like there are no extra sounds but the sounds that are there have more detail.

either they updated the firmware or my ears aren't good enough to hear any slowness of playback

Only thing i dont like so far is the volume control is a bit close to the charging socket, makes it hard to turn the volume up whilst plugged in with my plug.. the OE sansa one looks like it might be better for that

Just call me monkey metal ears biggrin.gif
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