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For Sale:
iBasso DX50

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have both the Fiio X3 and DX50 in good condition and all accessories. I don't use both so I figured I'd let one go. I don't really care which one. Make me an offer on one, I'll keep whichever one doesn't sell. Thanks!


UPDATE 4/12/14


I've had TONS of interest on both but to be honest I sort of wanted to keep both and didn't take the sale seriously.. at this point though I would like the cash.


After some thought I have decided to give up the DX50. I will set the price at $190 shipped/paypaled based on the offers I've received. It will be first come first serve from here on. I apologize to those who have already offered but it's been so long since I've checked I don't know who is still interested.


As I mentioned before, it is in good, like new condition. Only thing is when I put the screen protector on I left some bubbling.



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