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^Title. I've found having the headphones open to be crucial when jogging because you can hear traffic and, almost as importantly, you can't hear cable thump.


Koss KSC 75 seems to be given high praise for its audio quality, but I'm worried about durability. It obviously is in no way shape or form sweat proof, though I guess you could rinse and dry the pads after a run, and reviews say they break sometimes as early as a week, but always within a year due to faulty wiring. Which isn't the biggest deal I guess because it costs 6 dollars to replace, though that's like 2 weeks without a set of headphones.


The other option is the Sennheiser Adidas PMX 685, which is as far as I can tell the best sounding waterproof non-IEM earbud on the market. A bit worried they might release a new series within a few months though.


Any help, or other recommendations are appreciated, thanks!