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Need <$50 IEM

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Hey, I need an IEM!


I'll be powering this via my laptop or my iPhone 4. I want to keep it less than $50.


I listen to a lot of music. I'd prefer something that has great bass, but is also good for vocals and guitar. I listen to Hip Hop, Acoustic, Trap/Dubstep, Pop. 


Also, isolation isn't super important, but I'd prefer if it didn't leak too much sound. 


Right now, the only IEM that I've been able to find that matches my criteria is the Brainwavz M4. Thoughts on that? Any other suggestions?

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I haven't tried the m4 but I have the m5 and I think it would be a solid choice. If you want a little more isolation and bass you could look at the vsonic gr02 BE.
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Thanks, I think I've heard good things about the vSonic. I'll be sure to check it out! 


Hopefully I can get more responses!

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Check out and see their comparison chart.  It has criteria you can look at and very in depth reviews about different IEM's.  Set it by price, rating, comfort, sound, etc.  It so happens the vsonic vc02 is right up top, as well as the MEElectronics A151.  Youll have to read the reviews, sounds like you might want to go towards a basshead sound.  


You can also check out this page too.  This helped me as well as reading HeadFi's posts. 

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The Audio Technica line seems perfect for what I'm looking for, but the price is still too steep. 

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There is the VSD1 that you can get. It is tuned to be somewhat similar to their previous flagship model, GR07. I think it should be perfect for your needs.

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