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For Sale: IC: DNA Stratus

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
IC: DNA Stratus

Will Ship To: CONUS

This is a feeler ad to see what kind of interest there is. I'm thinking of letting this go and moving to something else. Amp is three week old in almost flawless condition (see photo). Amp comes with Stock tubes and Upgrade tubes. UPGRADE TUBES: 1- EML 5U4G Rectifier, 1 pair EML 2A3-Mesh power tube, 1- Pearl Reflektor 6N1P-EV "Gold Grade", and 2- RCA 6BQ7A input/driver tube. 


Shipping shouldn't be too bad in CONUS. No international buyers at this time. Let me know if there are any questions.

Shoot me an offer, no low ballers please. 


Thanks for looking!

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Will add photos later today.

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Damn craig, what's next? When did you get the he-6? How do you find them? GLWS!

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I tried all the top amp for the HD 800s but always came up unsatisfied. Next is the HE-6 with a speaker amp. I like them because they have awesome clarity + a balanced sound with body and fantastic impact.  

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