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Help with my Beyerdynamic DT-770 pro's please

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I've had some dt 770 pro's for possibly a year now, which have been great until the last month or so.


I use them a lot watching TV at night, and they now make a noise every time I breathe in and out!  This sounds random so i'll try my best to explain.


I've figured out that when I breathe in/out, the ear pads must move slightly, but due to the velour material, and their closed design, it makes a really noticeable friction/squeeking noise.  If you wanted to simulate the noise, to better understand what i mean, put the 2 earcups together and rub them together, its exactly this noise, but amplified when they are on your head.


I find it strange, as there it is very minimal movement breathing in and out!


Has anyone else experienced this problem?  Is there anything I can do to try and fix it?  Could I tighten it up in any way?


Any help would be much appreciated.



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I've never noticed that with my set. Maybe it's just because they make everything so quiet when they are on you are just hearing yourself breathing. Cause the ear canal is connected to your sinuses.

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its definitely the friction between the material and my head, because if i hold them tighter against my head, there's no noise.


the little bit of plastic before the headband (where it says "Beyerdynamic L or R etc) seems a lot looser than i remember it at the start, wonder could that have anything to do with it.


I know it sounds a bit crazy/stupid but as I said ive had them for ages, always watching tv at night with them, its its only recently started happening!

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Maybe you could get a replacement headband from Beyer. Could do the trick?

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I have had my DT770s (600ohm) since the late 90's. Never had that problem.

BUT, this year I changed the velour pads to their leather pads and the sound improved dramatically. Maybe it would stop the friction also.

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Yes i think i might try changing the pads, it is very odd that it just started happening out of the blue.


Where did you get them from?

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I bought mine from BD directly: the EDT 770 S

You can find them online other places also. BD shipping is a little ridiculous; $15. I didn't check on that before hand. Too much for such a light product.

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