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Recommend me some Jazz

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Hello I'm starting to listen Jazz but there's so many different styles of it that I'm lost smily_headphones1.gif

Help me find stuff  similar to :


Dave Brubeck ( Take five, Unsquare Dance, Kathy's Waltz, When You Wish Upon A Star, Alice In Wonderland)

Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio​ ( Midnight Sugar, The Nearness Of You)

Dizzy Gillespie\Sonny Rollins\Sonny Stitt ( After Hours )

Hank Mobley (Dig Dis, Soul Station)

Sonny Clark (Cool Struttin)

Herbie Hancock (And What if I Don't)


As you can see I'm looking for slow melodic and simple...  

Much appreciated

EDIT: I just found Oscar Peterson Trio : Night Train on grooveshark and it's a buy for sure. That's the kind of music I'm looking for smily_headphones1.gif
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There are at least five recent threads (as in they are still being regularly updated) right here in the "Music" section of the Head-Fi forum about jazz recommendations, all of which are filled great recommendations for anyone interested in jazz. I suggest that you have look at them.











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