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Creative Recon 3D USB sound card, worth it?

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Hello fellow Head-fi-ers! So i'v recently acquired a pair of headset strictly for gaming and that is the steelseries 7h fnatic edition ... and well, i pretty much got what i expected for the money. I won't even try to mention audiophile/music quality matters when speaking of this headset, they'r a pair of  gaming headsets(that says pretty much everything) with what I found to be a good enough sound stage, positioning/directionality with a flat eq for clearness. Most of the times i play fps games, and mostly Counter Strike:Global Offensive, all this on a laptop with external peripherals for portability. The problems is, i'm stuck with the dreaded onboard soundcard up to now and i want to attend this issue and thus I was thinking of buying the creative recon 3D USB sound card (don't mind it being geared towards headphones only), while i realise the fact that it is overpriced  i'm rather limited in my choices, and i wish to get something to improve the sound quality of the mentioned headset (well, more like use them to their full potential) and most important, to improve the sound in competitive terms such as sound stage, directionality, positioning, accuracy etc. And so i ask those which have knowledge or experience with the Creative Recon 3D USB sound card if it is worthwhile and what other options should i be considering as the information i'v gathered so far on this topic has proven inconclusive.

Note: I do not care much for the surround sound aspect, only considering it if it brings improvements, but that scout mode sounds interesting given it would work properly.   



Thank you for your time,

have a nice day lads!

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YMMV, but I picked up a Recond 3D USB card at my local Fry's on clearance for $5 last week!  For $5, it's a no-brainer.


Heck, even for $70, I'd say it's a good value over the Mixamp.  But I guess I'm not a huge fan of the Dolby Headphone vs the THX Surround on the Recon.  If you don't need the external device for using with a console, I'd say to just get a $60 soundcard for your PC and be done with it.  It's going to be better than either the Recon or the Mixamp.


You should read Mad Lust Envy's gaming guide (should be one of the top threads in this section).  He has a whole section on these card.  There's also a link to the PC gaming guide with more good info on sound cards.  There are also sample videos comparing the different surround sounds.

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I'll have to specify this if i wasn't clear with the whole Laptop thing, I'ts for PC usage not console :smile: (i must say, console gaming not that big in this part of the world) and I know that an internal soundcard at the same price will blow the Recon 3D out of the water but the problem is that a laptop's architecture won't allow adding such a soundcard so i need an external USB powered one. And i must say, 5$ WHOA! that's a nice price to go about with. I have it around 110$ so that's why I had to ask if it's worth buying. 


Indeed i have read the other threads, i know mad lust envy's opinion on the gadget and as I said it does not help towards making a decision as he reviews it for it's surround aspect and console gaming. 

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Well I've been using it on my PC through USB and it's defintiely a step up from the onboard sound I was using.  I'm still waiting for my new Fidelio X1's to arrive, so I can't speak as to how well they do with competitive gaming because I'm using garbage headsets right now.


I can say that even with my garbage headset, Skyrim and Asassin's Creed give a much better sense of space and surround.  I can't wait to use it with my new headphones.


Is it worth $110?  Well if you don't have other options, it's definitely a step up from onboard.  I don't really know what the other options for you might be though.

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I have been using one for a while now. It's not bad. Worth it if you can find one pretty inexpensively.

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