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DIY Yuin PK3s - Failed about a few months, seller (dasetn) now refuses to reply  

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I purchased a pair of DIY PK3s from dasetn last year and was initially impressed with the sound quality which i thought was at least as good as the original Yuins, if not better. I thought they were great value, but they failed after a few months and i messaged dasetn asking about repair options since it was still within the warranty period.


Initially he said something about having to pay a shipping fee to get it repaired, when i asked for clarification and for his shipping address, he stopped responding. I then noticed that another account, little_yy219 was selling DIY Yuin earphones as well. I emailed this user, and he confirmed he was dasetn's new account. I asked him again for his shipping address and he told me he would send me a replacement pair and i just had to give him my address.


I gave him my address, and waited. Nothing. I sent multiple follow up emails to both of his ebay accounts, and got zero replies. I then found his account here http://www.head-fi.org/u/375683/dasetn and asked if he was the same dasetn on ebay, he confirmed he was. I asked him about the replacement pair that he said he would send to me, and then nothing, no replies again.


Very dissapointing that i got stonewalled over what should be a simple warranty issue...

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I don't know how an Internet forum is going to help, mate. Why don't you take this up with eBay?
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Just wanted to share my experiences here, sorry if this was the wrong forum.


After i posted the thread, dasetn started responding to my PMs again, so lets see if he will actually go through with it now...

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I've also purchased the DIY Yuins from Dasetn. My Pk2s started having channel imbalance issues pretty much 2 months after i got them, which was hugely disappointing. I've almost considered them a lost cause but maybe I should reach out to Dasetn as well.

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No harm in trying, he should be checking his PMs here...

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Respect of customer, I apologize to you about all this! Did delay reply, because we leave for a period of time. So there is no timely reply to you. I said give you resend a new, I did send. You will be received in 3 week. International freight has been, has always been my headache. I sell itself value is not high, just hope everyone can participate in diy or mod headset this interesting things. If I have made you are not satisfied, please give me advice! This year I will improve it, thank you sincerely! Hope to understand, best regards!

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Not sure when you sent it, but i received the replacement pair recently. Sounds rather odd, very different from the initial pair, but maybe thatas becasue it needs to be burned in. Thanks.

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[Mods - not sure where the best place is for this thread. Feel free to move it to where it's most relevant.] 




I created this account for the express purpose of warning others. I don't want anyone else to be taken advantage of like I was. 


Here's the short of it... 


Back in July I was looking to buy a new pair of (cheap) earphones. Based on positive reviews on Head-Fi, I decided on getting the Edifier H180's and Baldoor E100's. I got the Edifier's from Amazon, they arrived within a few days, and I ordered the Baldoor's from an online retailer I'd never heard of before called dasetn.com. 


Big mistake. 


I placed the order on July 9, the payment went through, and I then promptly forgot all about it as I began using the Edifiers. 


On Sep. 2 I remembered I ordered this item but it had never arrived. So I sent an email enquiring where it was. No reply. I then sent another email on Sep. 6. No reply. I used the contact form on their website to send a follow up on Sep. 10. I received an automatic email that they'd received this message... But again got no reply. I sent another email on Sep. 15. No reply. I sent a final email on Sep. 16. No reply. 


If you navigate to their Contact Us page, you'll see that there is no contact email address listed, no phone number listed, and their online chat feature doesn't exist. I probably should've checked on this before placing my order... 


Having paid for the item with Paypal, though, I created a case disputing this transaction. I promptly received a refund for the full amount, $17.99, with this explanation:


"Dear Customer, We are sorry! Since our website there is a problem, resulting in not reply to a message, and log into the system. Now been fixed! I put the money back to you if you want to continue to buy. You can buy again! Our system has been restored to" (sic). 


Yes, and I have a bridge to sell you... 


(I'd upload screenshots to verify the above story but it appears I can't insert images in posts because my "account does not have the required permissions to access this page.")


tl;dr: I ordered earphones from Dasetn.com. They never arrived. And Dasetn never replied to any of the half dozen emails I sent enquiring on their whereabouts. Only after I disputed the transaction on Paypal did I get my money back. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS RETAILER. 

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