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Looking for a compact mixer.

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Right now I'm using the Behringer Xenyx 502 and features wise it's perfect for what I need: 3 stereo inputs and a headphones output. The size of the unit is ideal because it's small enough to mount on a cymbal stand. Sound quality wise it's acceptable for my situation, but my major complaint is the god awful power plug. It's a proprietary 3 pin that just barely fits in the slot and doesn't feel snug at all. Probably about once a week it loses contact and causes a power surge in the unit.


So I was just wondering if any reputable company makes a compact mixer instead of the usual 12+ channel behemoth units.

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Cheap mixers can be a nightmare. All those moving parts and pots to get sticky. Decent mixer is $1,000+ even now.


There isn't much choice around either since most people now use a multi-channel audio interface instead.


Last time I looked at the market I couldn't find anything small and cheap with the quality and reliability I was looking for.


Closest was the Mackie 402 VLZ4 but that's twice the price of the Berhinger.


I ended up with a full sized Soundcraft M4. Which I don't recomend because the power supply blew up after 15 months and several of the knobs have come loose.


Alternatives < $200 are the Allen & Heath Z10 & Yamaha MG 102C.


For a good, clean, no frills DJ style mixer I like the Denon DN X120 . The Allen & Heath Xone 22 is a possible alternative.

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Yeah, the Mackie 402 unfortunately doesn't have enough inputs


Does anyone have any experience with Alto Professional?




this is the closest thing I could find

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Peavey PV 6 or PV 6 USB are an option.

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