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I'm Boogeyman, just a guy getting into fancy audio. Currently my hifi setup is an ATH-LP1200 turntable-> Music Fidelity V90-LPS premap ->Schiit Vali -> either Grado SR60i or Pioneer SE-A1000 (There's some ATH M50xs that should be joining the line up in a few days too). I'd post a picture, but the forums don't trust me to do so yet :p 

Edit: Of course you could just look at my profile picture. Definitely forgot you had that option.


Anyway I live in Colorado, and am trying to put together systems on a budget, This vinyl setup is my first real attempt at that, and so far I could not be happier. Even just with the current two headphones I spend lots of time swapping between them enjoying the different sounds.


The theoretical next step for me then is to get into DAC/AMP game for my digital music. At first I was going to go with Magni/Modi since I enjoy my Vali so much. But one of the major selling points of that would be the ability to swap the Magni and Vali between the setups and listen to how they change the experience. But now I'm not so sure how much of a difference it would make as the two are reportedly quite similar. Then I thought maybe a separate O2 DAC/Amp stack might be a better option. But lo and behold now I've read reviews where they're pretty similar to the Schiit's as well. 


What suggestions would you give me then?. I am not looking for specific sound types or profiles, I am looking for the differences in those sound types to be illustrated for me though a DAC with an AMP that could be swapped with the Vali for a new experience.