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So I have been looking for new 100$ headphones. I made threads about it earlier but didn't get much replies. I tried to narrow it down to these 4 as they're all about 100$

I would mainly use it for Music, gaming(won't matter much) and watching movies/tv series at times. Portability is a bit of a concern, will use em at the gym or while going somewhere. But all 4 of them are portable as far as I know. I live in India where there isn't any place where I can actually go and try out these headphones. I'm not a fan of IEM's. I prefer over the ear/on ear more. I haven't tried any on ear headphones too, so Idk if they're comfortable or not. I currently own a pair of corseca bluetooth headphones :- . Been using em for 3 years now, so it's time I probably get a new one, and better one too.

I mainly listen to EDM but I also listen to other genres at times too.

So please tell me which one out of these 4 should I go for and why? You can suggest any other too but below 100$.

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