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Suggestions for decent quality headphones with a mic?

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Hey, everyone. I recently just got into this whole headphones thing and would like your suggestions on a a pair of headphones under $200 with a decent mic. A few that I've looked at are the V-MODA Crossfade LP or LP2 with the BoomPro attachment. I'm currently leaning towards the LP2 actually, so do any of you guys have experience with it? I saw the new Audio Technica M50x and thought you'd be able to use the BoomPro mic attachment since its cable is now removable, but apparently not, which is really disappointing. 


But yeah, I'll be using it mostly when I'm on the computer listening to music and playing video games. I'd also like for it to have a mic since I often go on Skype to chat with friends and whatnot. 


TLDR: Looking for decent quality headphones with mic capability for $200 MAX.

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Brainwavz HM5

Audio Technica ATH-AD700



Samson Go Mic


I think that this is the best option. I don't think that any company other than Senn and AT make mics that are good on headphones, but those are rediculously priced for what they offer.


Get seperate headphones and then the Samson mic. I think that that's a pretty good combo, although the Samson is USB powered. It's a lot better than anything you'll find in the $200 price range. The ATH AD-700 is the gamer headphone of choice for those on a budget. The HM5 is a really neutral headphone that's closed. AD700 has better soundstage, which might be better for gaming, but that is open. But since home use is primary, I think that it should be fine (it leaks a lot).


Another option, the Zalman clip on mic can be used. Just use some cable ties and plug it into the microphone jack next to the headphone one (which is convenient, so you don't have wires everywhere).


Good luck

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