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This is how my purchase of AK240 will create my end-game setup:

1. AK240 + IEMs. For worktravels.
2. DoubleHelixCables ultrashort TRRS 2.5mm -> RSO female. This will allow me to connect my balanced headphones directly to the AK. Portable and balanced all the way.
(3. DoubleHelixCables interconnect TRRS 2.5mm -> RSO male -> SR71b. Balanced all the way. A little bit less portable, but still my choice for loungechair listening (+ single malt). )
(4. SACD-player XLR out -> SR71b -> balanced headphones. This is my office-setup since I still buy CD's and SACD's. Has nothing to do with AK240...)

It's going to be interesting to see if the AK's balanced output will drive my headphones with enough control that SR71b can stay in the office.
I'm really really happy with the SR71b when used fully balanced....but it would be nice to not having to use it other than in the office as I'm not too keen on connecting back and forth. It would be great to just plug in headphones and enjoy.

What are the thoughts of the experts here? Sonic blizz?