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Grado RS1i vs RS2i?

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Hey guys,


So I spent the evening playing with headphones and amps at my local shop and having a blast figuring out what all works well together and putting it against everything else.  Now I'm a tone and impact guy (Listen to hard rock and metal mostly) so soundstaging and ultimate macro detail isn't my primary criteria so my results may vary from yours.


What I learned out of it all was that my LCD2s are currently majorly underamped and the Mjolnir sounds awesome with them.  Beat a pile of other HPs and tied with a couple others.  But right before I left I saw a RS2i chilling on the shelf and felt the need to give it a try after my utter disappointment with the PS1000.  :basshead: The sound floored me, it had the guitar presence that made the 225s get a tie but more bass impact than the LCDs.


The only thing that stopped me from walking out with a pair and a Valhalla was the RS1i.  Which of course they don't stock...  So has anyone heard both through the same system and can comment on the sound?  I did a google search but some people say they are totally different and others that they are very similar which left me baffled.


Thanks in advance for any replies!

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They are very similar, with the 2i being the better value.  Read about both in this excellent piece:


I like the Alessandro MS Pro better than both.

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Thanks KG.  I had looked at that thread a number of times in the past but never noticed that the Grados were in it! :blink:


Everything I've seen about the Alessandros says they lose a lot of the midrange bite of the Grados which isn't something I want.  So it's unlikely I'd want to go that way and none locally to try either.

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