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Filthy Lossy Log

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So... I don't hate lossy but... my hard drive only hosts 320kbs Lossy :3 anything below that is deleted :D


that said, I figured might b fun to host a thread for some music reviews and general bashing of Lossy ;3


no more importantly, this is the music thread so I shall share some music with you! And for the new members, and old members we can all brush up on our Spectrual knowledge 


Today's pick was 


Warning: Anime x Gabber (Click to show)

... wanted to dig it but while not as low key as that you tube vid... it wasn't to wonderful. 


Here's the spectrum for the 192 kbs I got [paid for 320kbs and instead got this]


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What are the web sites that have a good inventory of lossless audio files? The only two I know are HDTracks and AcousticSounds.  Besides Jazz and Classical, I would like to find albums of assorted genres that were mastered well where the album does justice to the ALAC (or FLAC) format. I imagine AAC files of 320kbs would work too. I found there are allot of poorly mastered albums that would not benefit from the lossless format. My two biggest gripes are albums that are over-compressed and those that have allot of clipping.


I purchased from HDTracks an album called "Jazz at the Pawnshop", and  "Air: The Bach Album", both in ALAC (Apple's Lossless Format). The Jazz album has turned into a classic over the years. It is a live set performed at a place called the Pawnshop in Sweden. I think they did a good job. Every now and then you can hear glasses "clinking" in the background. The Bach album appears to be a well-mastered version that has an accomplished violinist perform Bach's Violin Concertos. The expression and feeling and dexterity are impressive at times.


I use Fidela and Audirvana+ music players, both with the GlissEQ plugin by Voxengo.


Bob Graham


PS: For an example of a crappy lossy file, I think the "Rock and Roll Never Forgets" by Bob Seger purchased in AAC format from iTunes. It shows up mostly red in an audio editor that displays clipped passages.

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Bandcamp is another nice place to get flacs from 

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