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For Sale: Go-Vibe v2 portable headphone amp

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For Sale:
Go-Vibe v2 portable headphone amp

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi! I'm selling my Go-Vibe v2 portable headphone amplifier. I am the original owner and bought it from Norm Dalgarno of Headsave.


On the front of the amp are, from left to right: a mini headphone jack, blue LED, power toggle switch, and volume control. On the left is a mini input jack and the bottom houses the battery compartment.


I'm including the following socketed opamps to allow for changing the "flavor" of the sound. Their value alone is $75CAD+.


  • Analog Devices AD8610 (2x mounted on a BrownDog adapter, thus equivalent to an AD8620)

  • Analog Devices AD8066AR

  • Texas Instruments OPA2107AP

  • Texas Instruments OPA2227P

  • Texas Instruments OPA2132PA


Specs from the website (link) are:


  • Exclusive professional HSA1 v2 PCB
  • Vishay Dale 1% metal film resistors
  • 2x Panasonic 1000uF P.S. caps
  • Panasonic EVJ 50K potentiometer
  • TLE 2426 buffered virtual ground
  • Switchcraft mini input & headphone jacks
  • High quality mini toggle switch
  • Blue LED
  • Kilo soft touch black knob
  • Black Hammond ABS case 3.6”L X 2.4”W X 1.1”H
  • Easy access battery compartment
  • Single 9V battery power
  • Teflon coated internal wiring


Shipping and PayPal fees are extra.

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Not my photo, but here's a shot of its guts:




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