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Just wanted to throw this out there for those who enjoy hyper-budget headsets. 


I was perusing Best Buy here in Canada (always a great place for quality headsets....sarcasm) and came across a pair of Kunai Tritton on-ear gaming headphones, branded for the WiiU (plug size fine for phones, computers, etc.). I've always wanted to try out a set of Trittons, as they tend to be fairly well received in the gaming realm. Versions of the same headset branded for the 360 and PS3 cost 60-80 CAD. 


When I saw the price, 7.95 CAD, I picked em up. I thought they were on sale, but nope...7.95 CAD is now standard (except for the red ones...those are 19.99 CAD). If they were crap, at the very least I was out less than 10 bucks, and could give them away to someone who would enjoy them.


Out of the box, they sounded alright. Definitely bass biased with recessed mids and treble, but not bad. After 50 hours of burn in, damn! These cost less than 10 bucks!? Steal :D Bass is still the primary focus, however the mids and treble certainly improved. The bass does bleed into and drown out the mids, as expected for a cheap headset, but mess around with the equalizer and you have a surprisingly balanced headset that can provide fairly detailed sound at a good volume. 


Build quality is a mixed bag. The plastics used are of decent quality, but the headband is supremely thin and will break if you are not careful (disassembled them as they are screwed together, not glued. A nice bonus in my opinion). The ear pads and headband pad are made of an obviously faux pleather with stiff form, but are nice enough and have softened up alot over the week or so I have had them. I expect failure long term, but again...less than 10 CAD!


They are also pretty comfortable, however after a long time, they do hurt the ears. Par for the course for most on-ear headsets. I find pressing down on the headband after putting them on sets them into a position where they are fairly snug and nice to wear.


I have a pair of EU 4000s, and listening to these back-to-back vs. the UE, I have to say the Kunais overall sound is actually pretty similar. Given the price difference (7.95 CAD vs.129.00 CAD), I am awed. The fact that you can listen to them back-to-back and both headsets are enjoyable without one sounding unfathomably better, well, I think that says A LOT for the Kunai.


The boom mic also works well for phone calls, much better than the in-line mic on the UE 4000, and can be removed (it locks in place with a twist).


At this price, I cannot think of a single other headset I would consider purchasing. They without a doubt compare to headsets at a much higher price point, and bat well above their weight class.


Some basic stats:


- 3.3 ft cable (definitely short). Decent rubber used, and difficult to tangle. Analog volume control.

- 40 mm drivers

- Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

- 16 ohms

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