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Help, I need isolation!

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First Post!


Long time reader, finally posting for the first time as I could use some advice...


I've got a setup I'm quite happy with at my home-office desk--Woo WA7 and HD-800s.  When the kids are at school and the wife is at work, I'm completely content.  However, when everyone is home and/or if I want to listen to high-quality music in bed, the HD-800s simply don't work...  I have to risk ear damage to overcome the outside noise! (Or, when I'm in bed, I have to turn the music down so much to let my wife sleep that I can barely hear anything)


I've got Sennheiser PXC-450 and my wife has Bose QC-15 but when my ears are used to the HD800s, it is hard to go to either of those headphones, despite the excellent noise-cancelling and isolation...


So, after a LOT of reading (no listening, unfortunately--unable to audition anything I'm considering locally...), I'm considering acquiring a good set of closed headphones to get the high-grade sound and get at least a decent amount of isolation from everyone and everything around me.


These don't really have to be travel phones or anything...just something I can enjoy when there is a moderate level of noise around me.  When I'm on a plane, for instance, I still expect to use the PXC-450s...


So...the phones I'm considering are:


Fostex TH-900

Beyerdynamic T5P

Ultrasone Edition 8


I know there are varying opinions on the sound quality of these phones but from what I've read, I think I'd be happy with any of them--I can always tweak the amp/source to get what I need sonically...


My real question is...finally...which can(s) are going to give me the best isolation.  I've looked around a fair amount but almost all discussion on these is centered on the sound (not surprisingly)...not the isolation.  I've pretty much eliminated the Denon D7000 because it sounds like the isolation is minimal...


I'd appreciate any advice from those who have first hand experience with any of these three...


Again, don't really need to hear much on sound quality/signature...just the isolation piece



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I have (or have had) both the Ultrasone ED8 and the Beyer T5p. I'd say that the ED8 isolates more because of its clamped design (unless you have really big ears), but the T5p sounds better overall. Then again, we're just talking about isolation here. Hopefully you have small to medium sized ears.


Can't comment on the Fostex, though I still think the ED8 would isolate better than a larger can.

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Why not IEM's or cIEMs?

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Thanks for the response; that's exactly the type of info I'm looking for.


As for IEMs, I have thought of that but the experiences I've had with them have not been great.  I've found them to be generally uncomfortable and have had a hard time keeping them in place when I move around.  Over-ear phones just feel better--especially for longer periods of time.

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Glad to help. But have you ever tried custom IEM's? It's a pain to get your ears molded and reshelled or shelled but damn they're comfortable, since, obviously, they align with the contours of your ears. Superb sound quality, even off an iPhone. I prefer my cIEM's to my ED8, T5p, and even my balanced silver dragon HD800.

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Update:  I pulled the trigger on the T5P's.  Got a great deal on a brand new pair and have had them on my head a lot over the last couple days.  I've gotta say, I am really impressed with these things.  I actually like them a LOT more than I expected.  Every closed can I've had on my head (not that many to be honest) has left me wanting as I've become pretty accustomed to the HD800.  Do the Beyers have the stage of the HD800?  No...but, for a closed set, I'm more than satisfied--plus, the increased, tight bass is a nice change of pace.


I figured these would be the pair I'd grab when external noise rendered the HD800's useless.  However, now I'm not sure...the Beyers don't have the high clarity of the Senn's but they're not that far away...and again...that bass...really nice balance.  I've got the new Elbow album playing as I write this and oh lord, it sounds good!


As for the isolation, it's better than I expected.  It's not like I've got QC15's on or anything but the isolation definitely lets me enjoy the music when my kids are nearby.  Plus, I listened to them in bed last night and they didn't bother my wife.


Thanks again for the advice...maybe someday I'll move into the custom IEM world, but for now, I'm very happy with these T5P's!

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