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Need help choosing a DAC+amp combo about $100 or less

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Hi guys. I'm Ossaxet and newly registered to the forums. I've always admired the culture here at Head-Fi since I first discovered the forum three years ago, and am glad to be joining it now.


Moving on to the topic of this thread, I'm looking for a $100 DAC+amp combo. I'm looking to drive the V-Sonic GR07 MKII from it, with my desktop and an iPod as a source. Though it is not completely necessary, I would prefer that the amp could be driven by my iPod. With that in mind, that means that I am probably looking for a portable amp with a USB and 3.5 mm input (Is the 3.5 mm input required? Is there a cable for the iPod to USB?).


Browsing through the forum, I've seen recommendations to check out some of the products at Fiio and NuForce. The uDAC-2 looks interesting, as well as the E07K. I see that the E07K is far more portable, and would likely pair better with my iPod, but I'm curious as to the disparity between it and the uDAC-2. Does the uDAC bear some innate advantage? Does it have better sound quality?


If you have any more suggestions for a DAC+amp combo, do tell.



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If you are planning on solely using the ipod as a source then you really only need an amp since ipods only send out analog signal thus you will be using the it's internal DAC regardless.  You could get a fiio L9 http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005N6ZAT2 to send a lineout signal and thus bypass the ipods internal amp in favor of your external one. This would avoid double amping the signal. If this is the case then I would recommend something like the fiio e10 or e12. If you plan on using this with your computer/laptop as well then you would certainly want a DAC included. I have used both e17 Alpen and E07k and they would both get the job done. I've never used the uDAC so I can't speak to it. Good luck


Edit: Reread your post and saw mention of the desktop. So you definitely want the DAC included. When using your ipod you will only be using the amp portion however. 

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Thanks for the input Sattelight. I read around a bit more on the usage of the iPod as a music source. It includes a Wolfson DAC, which seems to be generally well-received around the forums. Further, bypassing that DAC in favor of a new internal one or external one seems to require extensive modding procedures that are quite expensive.


I believe that the GR07s at 50Ω +/- 10% (That is low, right?) have quite a low impedance, and thus wouldn't benefit too greatly from an external amp hooked up to an iPod. At this point, I think I just want to focus fully on the desktop as a music source. Would your recommendations change? Does anyone have any experience with some of NuForce's products?


Also, I would like to focus on sound quality over any other characteristic in choosing an amp+DAC. Portability is not really an issue seeing as I won't be moving it.

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