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Hi mates, well, the title is self explanatory. Before someone ask, I've been reading the Mad Lust Envy's Gaming Guide thread and lots of reviews from here and out, but still can't have my mind done as I don't know personally any high end headphone to make a comparison. I can get them for something like $50 difference at eBay or Amazon, so price doesn't matter much. I personally loved the Fidelio X1, it really seems to fit my statements, but that unreplaceable ear pads are driving me nuts as I live at a pretty warm place. I'm just afraid of getting them dusty and having to throw away the entire HP. The source will be a Soundblaster Z, but I can afford a Schiit Magni if needed (regardless I wouldn't like spending more $100...). What do you think? If you need more information please ask me them I'll add it here. I made this poll here because I think it would help another guys like me that have the same doubt. Thank you very much,


Lucas Bezerra.

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