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Good fitting with good bass IEM

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I have recently misplaced my Soundmagic E10s but they seemed to have never fitted in my ears correctly and always have fell out which has greatly annoyed me. I walk usually anywhere from 2-3miles a day so not a lot but do like to listen when my friends only have rubbish to say. I listen to the crap they put on the radio e.g some pop, a bit of rap etc and I like the bass to really punch the earphones.


I am wondering could I get something with a good fit under £50 with decent bass (better than E10s) or should I just repurchase some E10s?



I have 150 set aside for music but like I said I often find one of the earphones failing on one side and tend to replace every 3-5mths because of this so nothing OTT.



EDIT: Nevermind I want to purchase something that is top notch and something that I'll never look back on, something that clips onto me so I won't lose it and something that has a good warranty.. so with that criteria would the RHA MA750 be good, Shure SE215? I prefer RHA for an outstanding 3yr warranty and great reviews. Scots make good stuff! :D


So just to reinforce, good strong bass that punches, epic fit to never fall out when walking (the e10s couldn't even sit in my ears while walking, no exercise or vigorous activity just walking and I had tried lots of different tips). Also on that got any tips for purchasing good fitting tips? :)

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Also just to put in some perspective here... I own a philips fidelity X1 with asus STX so if there is anything on par with those or with better bass then... this is the way I'm going to go. lol

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seriously.. no help or advice on such a popular forum?

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I just bought the RHA MA750.. they're being shipped but have I made a good choice? I love the fantastic warranty they offer, better yet RMAs to my homeland in the UK! :)

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Hey Trojan,


Sorry no one got back to you in time. Approx. a month ago, I made a similar post here, and was recommended the Panasonic HJE900s. I

was more than content with my purchase as these headphones lived up to everything this community has hyped it up to be. They come with detachable cables, which is what drew me into purchasing them. The sound quality produced by them spelled quality and they gave you one of those 'sound in my head' kind of sound. 


Unfortunately, the left driver pooped out, so i've been contacting the reseller to replace them.


Hope this helped!

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Thank you very much for the consideration however getting those stock in UK is a real pain and costs are really too high to offset its value.


However I'd like to thank you for giving it a go! Not many people in this vast forum even tried :(


However I'm more than contempt with my soon to come rha ma750s as they have everything I ever wanted

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