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Over-ear < 100$

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Which is the best phones I can get for less than 100$? 


I had Pioneer SE-290 but they die (sound was fuzzy). I'm thinking on Pioneer SE-390... Which do you recommend? 



PS: I'm nothing else than a newbie asking for suggestions but 2 feedback:

1) Change the forum to HTTPS (all passwords are clear on network)

2) Create a section on website with price range review by users, well organized :) I saw a lot of knowledge here and organization would maximize the website potential :D

Congrats :)

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Have you checked the buying guide linked in the opening page of this thread?


Beyond that, you need to tell us what type of headphone you are seeking (e.g. open or closed); what sound signature you seek; and what will be in the chain powering these cans.

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Thanks for helping me smily_headphones1.gif
Close phones, I seek for isolation from external noise. I'm often with phones but without playing music just to be more focus.
My sound signature (I guess depend on kind of music) so Jazz, Blues, Reaggae. However, bass is also really important for me.
The chain powering, I guess the kind of device where I listen, so it is a Macbook...
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Bass heavy cans are not my thing.  Check the guide and look for cans with a red "B" and rating of "1".

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I'm thinking on Pioneer SE-M390... I Sennheiser HD 419 have almost same price... Also SE-A1000... I'm really undecided :S What are your recomendations?

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Without an amp, the Spider Powerforce is a good basshead can within your budget.

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Those seem really bass directed... Listening Pink Floyd, Jack Johnson on those phones may not be the best experience....


Sennheiser  HD439  or ATH-M35.... I'm lost... I just want a good balance and great isolation (it's really important for me to do not listen the environment)  



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You should consider Gemini HSR-1000 (Takstar Pro 80)


You can read and ask about them in this thread:


Best Luck!

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Hi :D Thanks, I bought the  Gemini HSR-1000 :D

Review (after just 1h listening so may change):

- Great isolation, cuts the environment sound

- Power: it's really enough. I can use the max volume on mac and no noise... Perfect

- Low: the bass is not exorbitant, it's moderate, priority to medium/high. However, if I use max volume, the bass is great. They are not headphones for disco music people... but they are great for others :)


I really like them, super comfortable, good sound :)  Thanks a lot!! :D

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