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I want to buy a MiniDisc

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This is my first post. 
I would like to buy (desperately) a MiniDisc player/recorder 
of course I recognize that these gadgets are no longer in 
production as of 2013[1]. The models I am interesting on are: 
        + Sony MX-RH1 
        + Sony MZ-RH1 
Other (newer/available) models/recommendations are acceptable, 
maybe these aren't Sony's latest models, so far is the ones 
I have reviewed (on the internet) and liked. 
I've looked for them on the internet but the prices go ridiculously over a 
thousand and a half U.S. dollar for (supposedly) new, never open, 
never used items.
So my question is: 
Do you know a retailer from were I can get one?[2] 


Thank you in advance!
[1] That's what are quick investigation on internet has returned. 
[2] I am in Europe, so preferably an store/vendor from around here.

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Two thoughts--this is a headphone site and probably not the pond in which you are likely to catch a quality answer.


Second, within this forum subsections within the "Equipment Forum" part of the forum e.g. "Dedicated Source Components") is where you are most likely to get an answer here.

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Hi KG Jag, thank you for your reply!


Well, I have to agree that is true that this is a site dedicated mostly to headphones,

still I think everybody here is very knowledgeable and any help is appreciated.


I posted in this section 'cause according to the rules I should do it here. Hope I am

following correctly the directions.



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Yes--the new system and rules have been an issue more than once.  The best thing for most/many to do is to post a brief "hi" message here and then find the best part of forum for their substantive question.

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