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Good 100$ headphones

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I'm looking for a new pair of headphones. The budget is about a 100$. 

The main use for it would be gaming, music and movies/tv-series. Portability is a factor, not that much though. I usually listen to EDM but also listen to other genres at times.

I had created a thread earlier about it but I decided not to buy any headphones then. But now as my brithday is coming, I'm looking to buy a decent pair of headphones.

It can be wireless or over ear. On ear is decent too.

I currently own this headphone :-

I've been using them for like almost 3 years now, and they're pretty good. But I decided to buy a new pair.

I'm thinking of buying the Skullcandy crushers:-

I haven't tried em though but I read some reviews and saw that they're good. I'm not sure though. 

I also thought of the Sennheiser RS120 but I've no idea how they work and how they sound. So if you have tried any of these 2, would be nice if you could tell how are they :P

Feel free to suggest any other pair too! :D



Edit:- I also did some more research and found these :- Audio Technica ATH-ANC29

Any idea how are they?

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The UE6000 is my top recommendation. The Martin Logan is better, but the UE6000 seems like it'd be preferable.
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Shure SE115m. I keep recommending this to everyone with a ~100 budget. Shure carries a great 2 year warranty also (upgraded my brokel SCL4 to a SE425 for free). Great bass. However, it seems that you may or may not be into IEM's (I guarantee the SE115m's are about the most comfortable you'll get).


Otherwise, yeah +1 for the UE6000, or even UE9000 used/on sale for ~170. 

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What about Sol republic tracks HD? I read some reviews about them on amazon and they're pretty goof based on the reviews.
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Tons, of headphones get great reviews on Amazon. I know nothing about the Sol though.
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And what about the skullcandy crushers or the audio technica ath-anc29?

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For on-ear the JVC S500's are great for EDM. For around ear I'd recommend M50 or Koss DJ100 both handle EDM very well. 


Personally I would avoid Sol republics judging by the frequency response graphs they are like every other "celebrity" style headphone (Monster Inspiration, Skullcandy mix master for example) with rolled off highs and exaggerated bass that only works well with a few hip hop songs but thats just my personal preference of what a HP should sound like. 

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And what about skull candy crushers or Logitech ue6000?
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ATH-M50. ATH-M35 is supposed to be a cheaper version with similar sound. I haven't heard it.


Used M80 (on ear) 

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