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$100 (USD)
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For Sale:
Matched Pair - Siemens E88CC/6922 A-Frame Getters

Will Ship To: Cont. US.

Price includes shipping and is for BOTH of the tubes ($50 per tube)


Quoted from Joe's Tube Lore on AudioAsylum (link here: ):


"Siemens 6922 / E88CC, RCA label (A frame, gold pins) This tube is similar to the earlier 6922 above. Vocals are slightly bigger and slightly more forward, the highs are a bit softer and the overall sound of the tube is a bit warmer. Music is presented with a warm, vibrant acoustic. Very nice & musical, though it might be a bit dull in a system that’s already dark in balance. Another excellent tube..."


Purchased (2x) from UpscaleAudio in late January ( for my Schiit Lyr. Worked wonders with the bass and highs, but no need for them anymore since I've sold the amp :) 

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