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For Sale: Schiit Lyr Headphone Amplifier

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Schiit Lyr Headphone Amplifier

Will Ship To: Cont. US.

Lyr is SOLD! Siemens E88CC and HE-500 still available as of now, see links below


Disclaimer: All prices mentioned below include shipping!


Purchased brand new in late January, a little over a month old and burned in just for you! :) Comes with a pair of RCA cables and the stock GE NOS 6bz7 tubes.


I've currently equipped the Lyr with a pair of Siemens E88CC A-Frame Getter tubes from UpscaleAudio, made in Germany in the early '70s (description here: ) Please see my other classified ( if you're interested in purchasing them separately. If you'd like for me to include the Siemens with the Lyr, I'd be willing to let them go at a discounted combined price of $500. These tubes do a wonderful job in tightening the bass and removing any veils you might find in the treble.


If you're wondering why I've included the Schiit Bifrost (Uber USB edition) in all of the pictures, that's because it's also for sale! Purchased on the same day as the Lyr, check out my ad here for details: (SOLD)


Discounted combined price for Lyr (stock tubes)+Uber Bifrost: $800

Discounted combined price for Lyr (Siemens E88CC tubes)+Uber Bifrost: $900


On the flipside, if you're curious about the headphones I've been using with this stack, that would be the Hifiman HE-500......surprise! Also for sale! See my post here:


All these price points are getting a little bit complicated though, so feel free to PM me if you're interested in buying the entire package (or if you have any questions). 

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Complete package no longer available, Uber Bifrost has been sold! Thread edited to reflect most recent change. PM for inquiries regarding purchasing the Lyr+HE-500 together.

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Is the warranty transferable and why are you selling? 

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Originally Posted by ModestMeowth View Post

Is the warranty transferable and why are you selling? 


Warranty is transferrable. Just looking to fund some projects in the works, and the sound signature with my primary phones (HD800) isn't what I'm looking for. They're a perfect match for the planars in my possession though :)

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