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For Sale:
IEM Amp Card for HM901/HM802

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Bought this IEM amp card together with my HM901 in early Oct 2013, really enjoyed it (together with my K3003 especially). Now I'm using HM901 more with full sized headphones (TH900 and T5p), and I prefer using MiniBox amp card for full sized cans. It's a bit troublesome to change/swap amp card, I kinda stick to the MiniBox card all the time now. Decide to let the IEM amp card go. 


I also had the standard amp card and balanced amp card before, to me I love IEM card the best when matched with IEMs (K3003, IE800, PFE232, UM3XRC, W4R, OMX980...). And the IEM card can even drive some full sized headphones w/o much problem. 


The card looks as good as new since I seldom swap cards, and probably works better than new 'cause I've used it for a little over 3 months. It's selling for $229USD when new, I'm looking at $OLD only, and that includes worldwide shipping cost by registered airmail, I'll absorb the paypal fee too. If you want EMS shipping, the cost would be a quite a bit higher (the EMS cost is pretty high from our SingPost :(). You can calculate (base on 200g package) from our SingPost website:


Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks and cheers!

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