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For Sale: Sennheiser HD 800 (HD800)

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For Sale:
Sennheiser HD 800 (HD800)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

$1000 CDN/ $950 USD, Firm, no trades. Any payment method OK except for Paypal. Buyer covers shipping and insurance. Face to face in Vancouver preferred.
Excellent condition but for a few paint chips detailed in the pictures. The sound is perfect, as are the 3 pads, grills, headband, and storage box. All 3 manuals and the outer box are included also. No stock cable, but it has a 5-feet custom Cardas cable terminated in 1/8 (includes 1/4 adapter).
As detailed, resolving, holographic, and accurate as I've owned, the HD800 is brilliant. Serial no. is in the 12-thousand range, and I can tell you that it does NOT lack in bass compared to my bass monster D7000. At the end of the day, for my musical tastes, I prefer my cheaper, open-back D7000 for its overall impact/thump/fun/fullness and more accessible presentation, but the 800 is a technically superior headphone that puts most to shame. 
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I'm slightly flexible on price if you're paying cash in person (GVA). 

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