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For Sale: RFT HOK 80-2 and Yamaha HP-3

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For Sale:
RFT HOK 80-2 and Yamaha HP-3

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I bought these two some time ago and wanted to mod them a little bit but in the end, they were almost never used and I always found myself listening to the NAD RP18 ;)


They are in a pretty good shape, especially the RFT. Both come with only one pair of pads (from the Yamaha). The pads are fixed to the Yamaha via the german aquivalent of Blu-Tack so you can easily change them. The original packaging for the RFT is also still there but it's not in a good shape so I didn't care for a photo.


I'll send anywhere as long as you pay for the transfer. Payment via paypal or bank tranfer.

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